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Secure Your Identity

Because of careless handling by various institutions, your personal information can make you a target for identity theft. Every day, new security breaches are reported.The Federal Trade Commission reports over 10 million identity theft victims per year, which equates to 27,400 reported cases per day. In fact, identity theft has been the number 1 consumer fraud crime since 2002.

You need state-of-the-art protection services that will Secure Your Identity and provide you with maximum Identity Theft prevention:

  1. 20 Access points to your information closed off to predators
    Our 20-step plan is proactive, not reactive. It provides a broad spectrum of protection that impacts many areas of life: Medical, Financial, Character, Insurance and Social Security. It will lock the "doors and windows" to your identity, preventing negative identity events and giving you the peace of mind you need and deserve.

  2. Continuous security reviews involving our expert security panel
    Our team of experts carry with them decades of expertise in the fields of banking, law, computers/information technology, credit protection and restoration. They continually evaluate and address new and emerging threats to your personal information. Their expertise is also passed along to our customers through our Preventive Identity Theft Education Program.

  3. All this without harming your credit
    We are unique in that we provide a proactive identity theft plan which helps fortify your security without damaging your credit. Some companies have utilized tactics to help protect identities, but unknowingly have damaged credit ratings that can cost customers money. Keeping you safe through prevention is the heart of our products.

For more detailed information about Mar Cares' "Secure Your Identity" identity theft prevention program, please click here.

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If you were an identity thief, whose identity would you steal... someone with favorable, or unfavorable, CREDIT? That's right — simply by virtue of having good CREDIT, your odds are greatly increased of becoming the potential target of identity theft!

You may think you understand your reports, you may even think you don't need to check them. They can be difficult to navigate, but once identity theft occurs, recovery and rebuilding of your credit can be a harrowing journey through a maze of red tape. You may need skilled professional assistance after — and even before — a problem occurs.

Mar Cares comprehends the CREDIT industry and how it determines your CREDIT worthiness.

Because we care as much about helping you protect your good name as we care about helping those with less-than-perfect CREDIT, Mar Cares will help you obtain your free CREDIT reports from Experian, Trans Union and Equifax to help prevent identity theft from occurring to you.

Mar Cares is ready to show you the way...and help you protect your good name.

Call or e-mail us today and find out how to protect your good name!


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